Monday, August 31, 2020

Man Chops Off His Private Parts

Residents of Garsen, Tana Delta Sub County, Tana River County, were in blow after they found a 26-year-old man lying unconsciously on the side of the road wounded. He was missing his privates parts which had been chopped off.
Outside the house, about 5 meters from the door, chopped private parts penis and testicles believed to belong to the person were discovered on the ground. The middle-aged man was later identified as Power Sammy.
Upon the report Police rushed to the scene and found a Sammy, lying in a pool of blood.  He was rushed to Garsen sub county hospital for treatment plus the chopped private parts, before being referred to Coast General hospital, Mombasa for further treatment. Photos of the man while still on the scene of the incident show that he had a rope round his neck, tied to a tree. A slasher stained with blood was also found inside the house near the victim. The slasher has been kept as exhibit as it was found in the scene of the incident.
 While being taken to Coast General hospital, Mombasa for further treatment. This was confirmed by the nurses on board who was taking the victim to the hospital and reported his death. The deceased body was taken to coast General hospital mortuary to await postmortem and identification.
It is believed that the person who had cut off the private parts may have been in dispute with the victim as a result to such a despicable actions. The photos taken at that scene are so devastating and unpleasant to share in this platform. The Police are now investigating the matter and have identified a suspect in the case one person  known as Abdallah who is believed could have had a dispute with the victim after a dispute of shilling  Ksh.10,000/-. The private parts were found outside the house.

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