Friday, August 7, 2020

Dad who raised sloping lawn by 20 inches wins battle with neighbours who say he can peer into their gardens

A row over whether a man could raise his garden by 20 inches has ended in his victory over five objecting neighbours.

Matthew Williams, 36, wanted to level out his back yard by building a £3,000 wall to transform it into a bowling green-style lawn.
However, the dad’s neighbours said their privacy was threatened because it could let him peer into their gardens.
He was forced to stop work for a year and a half after receiving permission for a rear extension and to raise areas around it.
However, he ended up lifting the whole of the sloping garden by half a metre at his £500,000 detached house in Pentre Nicklaus Village – named for golfer Jack Nicklaus – near Llanelli in South Wales.
Neighbour Gareth Williams said: “The raised ground level seriously compromises the privacy of our back garden.
Williams asked for retrospective planning permission to keep the raised garden and a fence around it.
Richard Bowen, who represented the dad, said there would be no adverse effect on neighbours due to loss of light or privacy, while five neighbours objected along with Llanelli Town Council.

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