Monday, August 10, 2020

Churches reopen in Lagos

The shout of Halleluyah rented the air when PM News visited Celestial Church Of Christ, National Headquarters, Makoko earlier today.
Churches in Lagos were allowed to reopen today after four months break due to the coronavirus outbreak.
PM News also visited the Lagos Presbyterian Church in Yaba, where church members expressed happiness that they can attend church physically again.
All safety guidelines set by the Lagos state government for reopening of religious centers were duly adhered to by the churches we visited.

When PM News got to Saint Dominic Catholic Church, Yaba, journalists were not allowed in by church officials who could not give a tangible reason for their actions.
Some Pentecostal churches in Lagos did not open today, they sighted lack of adequate preparation as the reason for their decision. Churches like Daystar Christian center, TREM, Global Harvest Church e.t.c

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