Saturday, August 15, 2020

Alexandra Daddario Clickbaiting in a Nude Bikini!

I watched an Alexandra Daddario movie last night that I assume was relatively new to Netflix and it was TERRIBLE.
Without giving too much away, because I don't even remember what it was called, that is how bad it was, she is basically in 1988, that feels like 2020 and not 1988 and there's a Satanic Cult out there killing random people...filled with obvious plot twists that I called from the first 5 minutes because I understand the state of Hollywood and their whole feminist and inclusivity agenda and despite the good cleavage shots, because Daddario has great cleavage that they definitely utilized in some capacity just not FULL capacity, to give you a little tease and taste of what she is known for.
I assume these hot clickbait to help you clickBATE if you know what I mean, is all part of the promotional tour of that terrible movie. It can help make it a viral hit because people are bored and dying to watch any crap they can on streaming platforms, that's how I stumbled upon it, and more importantly people only half watch movies now while hanging on their phone so you may not even notice just how bad it is!
Since there's a bikini involved in this marketing, it's a GREAT way to promote a terrible movie and Alexandra Daddario despite having a bit too much of an Anna Kendrick look (I don't like Anna Kendrick) is pretty great.

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