Monday, August 31, 2020

Adele Breaks The Internet!

UK singer Adele has been pout of the spotlight for a while as she worked out her fitness goals and lost a bunch of weight. Now that she’s ready to show off all her hard work she put on this little Jamaican flag bikini and a set of carnival feather wings for this oddly posed pic.
She was aiming to send her love to those missing the annual Notting Hill Carnival due to the COVID pandemic however she has been receiving some backlash for having her hair up in Bantu Knots for the shot.
While the SJW’s are beefing her for the cultural appropriation, she has a ton of celebrities defending her in the comments, with Lisa Rinna even letting her know that she just broke the internet. I’m less conceded with the hair and more concerned with why does she look exactly like Katy Perry?

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