Tuesday, August 4, 2020

3 sets of Nollywood actors and actresses who make the best on-screen couples

 Like every movie industry around the world, actors and actresses in Nollywood occasionally find themselves playing the roles of husbands and wives in movies they feature in.
Sometimes, these pairings of on-screen relationships can become an epic fail while there are others that are completely believable by the audience.

 For instance, casting directors in Nollywood have to put a lot of things into consideration if they are trying to present a young couple and hip in a movie or trying to match a middle-aged couple that can pass as grandparents. 

Amidst the whole process, there have been some major wins by Nollywood casting directors when it comes to the marriage of actors and actresses on screen
Shown above are pics of Nollywood’s most admired on-screen couples. .

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