Friday, July 3, 2020

World's 'first' gold-plated hotel opens in Vietnam, room goes for $250 per night

The world’s first self-proclaimed gold-plated hotel called Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel is reportedly open for business in Vietnam.
With this edifice, the face of international tourism is about to change. How Africa reports that the hotel is plated in 24-carat gold in its lobbies. It also features an infinity pool and rooms with all cutleries, toilet seats, showerheads in gold.
The same media reports that the build took 11 years and a whopping $200m (N77,500,000,000) to build. Coffee in the hotel is served in gold cups. It has 400 rooms and will be operated under the American Wyndham Hotels brand. A room at the room goes $250 (N96,875.00) per night and apartments are available for rent there. Gold for the hotel was locally sourced to reduce building costs. 

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