Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Human like Pig Hybrid (Human Pig)

Scientists announced, on January 26th 2017 this year, that they created the first ever human-animal hybrid. They injected human cells into a pig embryo and let it grow successfully for a total of four weeks, before being forced to terminate it before it grew any further.
This type of genetic engineering was nothing but a dream for scientists all around the world, but the day when they successfully pulled it off opened up so many possibilities. Now I know what you might be thinking, I mean what use would this kind of hideous creature be to humanity.
Statistically, every 10 minutes, 1 innocent human needs an organ transplant and every day, 22 people die because they didn't get the organ they required. Even though there are some people who donate their organs, the number is simply not enough to satisfy the constant need for organs. This system of creating genetically modified pigs with human organs solves that problem almost entirely.
The pig would grow just like any other normal pig, except with a human organ inside of them instead of a pig one.

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