Friday, July 31, 2020

Princess Diana's former home reopening with 'John Travolta dress' on display

A dress worn by the late Princess Diana to the White House where she danced with movie star John Travolta, is to go on display.
Dubbed the "John Travolta dress", it was bought by Historic Royal Palaces for £220,000 last December, but has remained in lockdown for months.

The midnight blue velvet gown will now be the star attraction when the princess' former home Kensington Palace reopens to the public on Thursday.
Designed by Victor Edelstein, Princess Diana wore it to a White House Gala in 1985, and was famously swept onto the dancefloor by Travolta.
Images of the princess and the Hollywood star twirling made headlines around the world and immortalised the dress in the eyes of the public.
The actor later described the experience as being "like a fairy tale".

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