Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Photographer Lives In Camera-Shaped House, Names Sons Canon, Nikon And Epson

A 49-year-old professional photographer Ravi Hongal from Belgaum, India has taken his passion for the profession to another level by naming his three sons after iconic camera brands – Canon, Nikon and Epson.

Not only that, but he also spent a small fortune on a three-story villa shaped like a giant camera.
He reportedly spent around $95,000 on the house that is shaped like a giant vintage camera, complete with a lens-shaped window, flash, and even a giant SD card.
A local news blog All About Belgaum reports that although he wasn’t the best student of photography, he was always shooting pictures with Pentax and Zenit cameras.
He later started his own photography business and named his studio after his wife, Rani.

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