Monday, July 20, 2020

Pastor Orders Women Congregants not to Attend Church Service with Panties

A contraversial pastor in Kenya is trending for recently forbidding his female congregants from wearing panties to church service, telling them to stop wearing the undergarments as this will make them closer to God.

The pastor,going by the name of Reverend Njohi, reportedly commanded his shocked female congregants at the dandora based Lord's Propeller Redemption international church to attend his Sunday service while independent (without bras or underwear). The pastor's justification to the bizzare rituals was that the said undergarments have no biblical background calling them "ungodly," and as a result,people need to be liberated i.e "freein body and spirit inorder to accept Christ."

Quoting the Nigerian Watch, the reverend said he made the new rule specifically for women members of his church so that the spirit can penetrate their bodies easily. The vicar went ahead to give a stern warning to those not adhering to his orders warning them of "dire consequences." He went ahead to encourage women attending his services to always and thoroughly check their daughters and make sure they adhered to the new rules.

According to UK Metro report,one of the members attending the contraversial church, says many of the women did indeed follow the rules to the latter showing up for services "independent". According to UK Metro, its still unclear why rev.Njohi has ordered women not to utilise their undergarments while not doing the same to men a clear indication of double standards!

Most people are not pleased with the pastor's new rules arguing that it is an outrageous attempt to take advantage of gullible women under the disguise of doing something godly.

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