Saturday, July 25, 2020

Naked man seen strutting along busy Oxford Street wearing nothing but a face mask G-string .

A man who strutted along Oxford Street in nothing but a face mask G-string today was a finalist on ITV's Ninja Warrior .
Tim Shieff, 32, is a world champion freerunner and vegan YouTube sensation who tripped in the 2018 final as he attempted to complete the show's obstacle course. 

Born in Connecticut, US, he has competed in three American Ninja Warrior competitions and the first two Ninja Warriors UK tournaments. 
Shieff became a prolific YouTuber ranting about meat-eating to millions of viewers - before telling his vegan fans he had been secretly eating animal products. 
Today he made a mockery of new coronavirus laws which make the wearing of face masks compulsory by fashioning one into a thong and strolling through London. 
After stunned passersby stared at the bizarre spectacle, Shieff shared photos of himself on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. 
His stunt came after brawls broke out in supermarket aisles across England today as shoppers confronted other customers for not wearing masks, while staff at a McDonald's kicked out diners for not covering their faces.   

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