Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Meet The Girl With No Private Parts

Among the most vital organs in a human being are the private parts, they're not only used for reproduction but also for excretion which is the removal of body wastes that would rather turn toxic or left to accumulate in the body and thus are excreted by their respective organs.
In my previous articles i talked about the man with 2 male reproductive systems and also talked about the woman with pairs of cervix, womb and even two vaginal openings and now in our today's ticket, we are going to see the dating life of the woman with no sexual organs.
Meet jyotii, the 19 year old who lives in Hopkins Minnesota being adopted by a family after being left by her Indian parents she lacks both organs which leaves us with lots of questions that I'm also unable to answer the moment too.
She says even though she doesn't have a vaginal opening, she stills considers herself a woman because her birth was rather funny. She started growing as a boy in her mother's womb something which later ended after 12 weeks and has been taking oestrogen ever since her teenage years.
She however says that this has made her dating life impossible as most men will run into the bushes immediately she mentions her condition most of them saying its a deal breaker.She says she has no ovary or testicles and can never have her own biological baby. This has not stopped her from having a Normal life as she's dating more regularly,went to a normal high school and is now enrolled into a college.

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