Monday, July 20, 2020

Camel Walks 100 Km Through Desert To Return To Previous Owners 8 Months After Being Sold

A camel has melted the heart of millions of Chinese people after it reportedly walked 100 kilometers through the desert to return to its previous owners, eight months after it was sold
The homesick is reported to have spent days crossing the barren desert of North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to reach its former home.
Another farmer had sighted the injured animal walking through the desert and taken care of it while trying to find its owner.
According to a viral Pear video, the homesick camel walked more than 100 kilometres through the desert, wading through mountains, crossing highways and fences before finally approaching its old home, which was when the herdsman spotted it.
The camel was sold in October 2019 and the new owner took it 100 kilometres away and raised it in his hometown in winter and grazed it in the mountains in spring.
The animal seemed to have adjusted fine to its new home but on June 27, just one day after its summer shearing, it ran away.

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