Thursday, July 23, 2020

Boy born with a tail, Parents believing he is a Messiah

When a 13 year old boy called bolaji was born his condition led to his family into believing that the Hindu Gods has sent them a messiah the boy was born with deformity with a spine which has cost a lifeless tail to grow out of his back.

This has led people in bolaji’s community to believe he is a incarnation of the Hindu monkey god known as hanuman.

People frequently come to the 13 year old hoping to be blessed.

But the reality is that Bolaji is a human.

He is paralyzed below the waist because of his disability Bolagi cannot control his movement.

Since his father died and his mother is too sick to care for him bolaji is dependent on his grandfather.

Balaji is disability is becoming an increasing concern for his grandfather as the years goes by.

And Bolaji himself is tired of being mistaken for a monkey god.

Balaji and his grandfather now wants to see a doctor.

In search of solutions his grandfather took him to see a doctor.

The question was why did Bolaji have this tail like Growth .

The doctor realise that the boys tail is a sign of an underlying problem with his lower spine.

“Will the teenager be able to walk after surgery.?”

The doctor confirmed that even after surgery bolaji will not be able to work.

But they finally removed the boys tail that will make him feel normal

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