Wednesday, July 15, 2020

106-Year-Old Muslim Man Survived Both Spanish Flu and Coronavirus Asks to Keep Faith in Allah

106-Year-Old Muslim Man Survived Both Spanish Flu and Coronavirus Asks to Keep Faith in Allah
A 106-year-old Muslim man from India has survived both coronavirus and Spanish Flu. He became the only known person on earth to survive both pandemics.

Mukhtiar Ahmed, a resident of Delhi was 4 years old when the deadly Spanish Flu claimed 12 million lives in India. He was one of the victims of the flu at that time but managed to get cured and survived.

Now after 100 years he again survived the deadly coronavirus which is killing more and more people every day. Mukhtiar Ahmed recovered very rapidly compared to his son who is in his 70s.

He was under treatment at one of the dedicated coronavirus treatment center in Delhi, Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital and it took him 17 days to completely recover.

When asked about what made him win this deadly battle, he replied his good faith in Almighty Allah and self-confidence made him overcome this disease. His only message to the younger generation is to ‘be stronger’.

Mukhtiar says he has seen more trouble than this in his hundred years old life. He originally hails from the Maharashtra state and had worked as a set designer in Mumbai’s film industry for a major part of his life.

Life took a tragic turn in 1993 when he lost his entire family in an earthquake including his three children and 11 grandchildren. Ahmed was about to lose his serenity when life brought him to Delhi – the national capital where lived life begging on streets.

One day a family from the city of Old Delhi decided to take him to their home and since then approximately 13 years he is living with his adopted family.

The family has become his own and they live with him like he’s their own father and grandfather.

After so much of struggle he still believes in the power of faith on Allah and recommends everyone to have faith in Almighty and also to have self-confidence.

Tawakkul on Allah is an important part of Imaan (faith). Having perfect faith in Allah, trusting His plans and having a complete reliance over him makes a man much stronger and brings him more closer to Allah than before.

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