Monday, June 29, 2020

Woman Prevents Daughter From Leaving The House For 26 Years

According to Russian media, Bushueva has not set foot outside her family home for 26 years, despite being in perfect health, because he mother didn’t allow it.

It is gathered that until this month, she has been kept isolated by her mother for years to “protect her from the dangers of the outside world”.
Bushueva had reportedly not washed her hair in 12 years, as evidenced by the giant clump on her head, and hadn’t had a change of clothes in even longer.
She only ventured into the village because of her mother’s ill health and need of medical attention.
Neighbours testify that Tatyana has always been overly protective of her daughter but things spiralled out of control when the older woman retired.
Bushueva was in 8th grade when her mother started forbidding her from going out with other teenagers in the village, and in a couple of years the two had become complete recluses.
Intervention from others were rejected as Tatyana constantly told everyone they were fine and people should mind their own business.
After a while, villagers stopped trying to convince Tatyana to give her daughter more freedom and everyone just went on with their lives.

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