Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Woman Loses Voice For Two Months, Now Speaks With Four Foreign Accents

A 31-year-old British woman Emily Egan had her life changed dramatically in January after suffering from a mysterious condition that left her unable to speak for two months.

Egan who was born and raised in Essex, United Kingdom and speaks no foreign language, complained of headaches for two weeks before one day, she developed a deeper voice.
Her colleagues at a children’s home she was managing in Bournemouth then noticed that her speech had become slow and slurred, both indicators of a stroke. By the time she was rushed to the hospital, Egan had lost her ability to speak completely, but after running some tests, doctors ruled out the strike, instead blaming her voice loss on some sort of brain injury.
She spent three weeks in the hospital and had to rely solely on basic sign language she picked up at work and a text-to-speech app on her phone to communicate.
She was later discharged and a neurologist encouraged her to go on a vacation in Thailand where she and her partner  Bradleigh had already booked.
Egan was advised to relax as much as possible which she did and a few days into the vacation, she began to speak again.

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