Monday, June 29, 2020

Retired Farmer Spends 8 Years And $50,000 Trying To Evict Daughter From His Apartment.

Peter Grundy, a retired wheat farmer from the Australian state of Victoria is at his wits end in trying to find a way to evict his 49-year-old daughter Katrina from his apartment.

The  84-year-old who is not entitled to a pension has been trying to get Katrina evicted from his apartment so that he can sell the apartment and move into a retirement home.
Since he isn’t eligible for pension, he is trying to secure his place in a retirement home but he needs to pay up front. To do this, he has to sell the apartment but his efforts in the last eight years have proved futile despite spending a small fortune on legal fees.
Katrina has reportedly been ambushing his plans to sell his apartment and despite taking her to court, she has refused to leave and legal experts say the pensioner has exhausted all legal options.

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