Thursday, June 18, 2020

Prince Charles' fears for young people

Prince Charles has warned of the "potentially devastating" impact of coronavirus on young people and fears it will "define the prospects of a generation".

The 71-year-old prince believes it is essential to stop the global health crisis "from defining the prospects of a generation" as he's worried about a "terrible downward spiral" for those faced with the "double disaster" of both the pandemic and the long-term economic repercussions.
Charles warned it is young people who are often "hardest hit" in times of hardship, especially those working in industries which have "borne the brunt of this crisis".

After statistics showed unemployment between 18 to 24 year olds had doubled between March and May, Charles told his Prince's Trust organisation: "Young people now need your support more than ever. Their future is on the line.
According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said: "In times of economic hardship it is often young people who are hardest hit and we know that many under 25s work in sectors such as hospitality and tourism, which have borne the brunt of this crisis.
The Prince believes supporters have "quite literally saved lives" with their contributions and hopes to support young adults to "gain the practical skills and confidence needed to help them into work, education, training and self-employment".
The Prince's Trust is currently running a job search board, a coronavirus support hub - which includes online training and support, as well as one-to-one calls- and a relief fund to help during the pandemic.

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