Wednesday, June 24, 2020

King Lestsie III is the 9th biggest landowner in the world .

 King Lestsie III of Lesotho has been adjudged to be the ninth person in the world who has the most land sites 

 The 56-year-old monarch first became king when his father was forced into exile in 1990 before he finally became the leader of the country in 1996 when his dad died 
 Lestsie III had his first degree in Law from the National University of Lesotho after his college education in the UK .

According to Africa Facts Zone, King Lestsie III is the ninth biggest landowner in the world and he is the proud owner of the huge landmass of 11,720 square miles in Lesotho. It should be noted that in his country, there is no individual ownership of land as sites are given to people to farm on in the bid to ensure a balanced land distribution. Aged 56, he became king after his father, Moshoeshoe II, went into exile in 1990. 

Though the position of his father was briefly restored in 1995, Moshoeshoe II soon died in a car crash in early 1996, and Letsie again ascended the throne. He had his education in the United Kingdom at Ampleforth College. Afterward, he proceeded to study at the National University of Lesotho where he graduated with a BA in law. 

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