Sunday, June 14, 2020

An Islamic tribe where women own most, can send their husbands packing

 The Tuareg is a nomadic tribe that is common to some countries in Africa because of their migratory nature 

 In the case of divorce, the woman is richer as she takes everything including the house, leaving the man with little 
 The Tuareg men wear a veil to protect themselves from the Sahara dust, an act that leaves marks on their faces .
The Tuareg tribe gives much power to women as they are allowed to decide their fate without the so-called supreme power of men.

 Their men wear a blue indigo veil as a protective measure to keep their face safe from the dust of the desert. According to Cairo Scene, the tribe never dumped their tradition of allowing men to wear veil instead of women despite their adoption of Islam. 

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