Sunday, June 14, 2020

Amid Corona Pandemic, Russia is attacked with a New Disease!

Russians are facing a new threat to health, apart from the existing coronavirus pandemic. Blood sucking ticks, including a new ‘mutant’ variety have been possessing a great threat to the citizens.

Siberia reported a sudden spike in the total number of tick bites cases. Newspaper Zvezda, had reported that these regions have been hot by huge swarms of hybrid ticks. In one particular region, there are ticks which are 428 times more than the usual numbers.

While these ticks latch on to humans and sucks blood, they are capable of carrying infectious agents. Hence, people with tick bites in Russia are requested to quickly get it checked for infection. Almost 1,242 people have been bitten, among them 4,334 are children. Totally 36% have developed Lyme disease from the bites.

Lyme disease, of untreated attacks joints, heart and the nervous system.

This has added pressure on the hospitals in the country as they are already battling the coronavirus infection.

These tick numbers are high in number because of the mild winter season.

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