Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Young lady of 18 years narrates how she sleeps with 5 Men a day and got impregnated 3 times by Bulldogs

A young Ghanaian lady known as Angela Amewu has confessed on Ohene Pa Fm 100.7 YouTube channel about how she cant live without being banged by 5 men and bulldogs a day.

According to her, She was staying in Kumasi with her godmother but her Aunt who lives in Nigeria with her Husband came for her so she can go stay with her and further her Education. After her Aunt’s husband help her with her Education he started demanding for sex frequently.

He pursued her for sometime till she gave in and they has sex so many times and he even involved his bulldog when ever he is doing it. This continued for a long time without her Aunt knowing and they could do it for 5 times a day in the same house and something in the Kitchen even when her Aunt was around.

She even got pregnant three times which he help her terminate it at home. She stop schooling because of the frequent molesting and came back to Ghana to sell sachet of water to make more Money. She couldn’t continue selling the water due to her how she was Molested in Nigerian by her Aunt’s Husband.

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