Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Living with Two Viginas: A woman born different.

I was born different" she said, and sighed. This is a story of a woman with two virgins, two cervixes and two wombs. She only found out she had the condition - known as the, 'Uterus Didephys' five years after giving birth to her daughter.

Elizabeth Amoaa had been diagnosed with "uterine fibroids" and told by doctors that she was very unlikely to be able to conceive. However, in 2010 Elizabeth fell pregnant and she gave birth to her "miracle baby", daughter Rashley 9 years old with scans completely missing her rare gynecological condition.
"Since I was a child I have been having a lot of health issues, and mostly I felt like I wanted to throw up, migraine, I used to have a lot of infections - vaginal infections. It was a constant battle, I was on medication all the time"

"When I fell pregnant I was so surprised because I have been told by many doctors that I could not conceive" she said, this is why I refer to her daughter as her, 'Miracle baby'.

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