Friday, May 8, 2020

Girl With “Unearthly Beauty” Has Internet Users Amazed

11-year-old Amina Ependieva is not your usual 11-year-old in that she easily stands out with her breathtaking beauty.

Amina was discovered by Chechen photographer Amina Arsakova, photos of Amina stood out from others that Araskova has been posting.
On average, Araskova’s Instagram posts receive 1000 likes but when she shared photos of Amina, Araskova amassed over 10,000 likes.
The posts of Amina also received hundreds of comments either praising her unearthly beauty or asking if she was a real person.
According to Russian outlet Sm-News, Ependieva hails from Kurchaloy, a small town in Chechnya.
She owes her stunning beauty to a combination of rare genetic conditions – albinism and heterochromia. While albinism is generally described as the “congenital absence of any pigmentation or coloration in a person, resulting in white hair and skin,” heterochromia is a difference in the coloration of the iris, determined by the production, delivery, and concentration of pigmentation (melanin).
Both albinism and heterochromia are rarely diagnosed in humans by themselves, but even more so together.

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