Friday, April 3, 2020

Zoom billionaire made more than N1.4tr in 3 months due to COVID-19

 Zoom Technologies has experienced exponential growth in the last three months 
 The company is responsible for the Zoom video conferencing app 

 As more people work from home due to coronavirus, the use of Zoom has skyrocketed Eric Yuan is a very wealthy man.

 His net worth doubled over the last three months and is now worth a whopping $7.57 billion (N2.7 trillion). 

His company, Zoom Technologies, Inc, was founded nine years ago and is now worth $35 billion (N12.8 trillion). While most companies are struggling as the global Covid-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on the world's economies, Yuan has made a fortune. 

Trillions have been wiped off the global stock markets. Companies are having to change the way they do business with many people working from home. This is what has been the most significant driver for Zoom's recent exponential growth. 

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