Monday, April 6, 2020

SHS student rushed to the hospital after fasting for 41 days to become a catholic priest.

An Shs boy in Nigeria, Ebonyi state to me precised has been taken to the hospital after going on 41 days dry fasting and prayers.

The student,identified as Ikechukwu Okeh, nearly met his untimely death according to report. It is said that the young boy aspires to end up being a priest,hence,embarking on 41 days fasting will will see him through stronger in the Lord.

He was believed to be poised to outdo Jesus Christ – who, according to the bible successfully stayed 40 days and nights without food and water.
People close to Ikechukwu narrated that the boy lied to his parents that he was travelling only for his friends only to find out that he traveled to the mountain where he usually visits to pray.

A source disclosed that the boy had only completed 35 days, unable to finish his proposed 41 days praying and fasting because of health complications that befell him.

The boy has since been recused.
The mother of the boy told journalist the family now seek assistance from both the government and private individuals so as the boy can get requisite help to carry on with his dream of being a Catholic priest.

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