Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Cute photos of kids dressed in police uniform sharing Covid-19 message

 In a post on Wednesday, Abba Kyari, shared lovely pictures of kids in Nigerian police uniform

 The cute kids carried several white cardboards that bore different educating messages 
 The IGP, Mohammed Adamu, clapped for the well-dressed children in one of the shoots Despite the fact that humanity is overwhelmed by Covid-19 crisis, many people are still pushing hard and doing what they can to save the world.

 The latest in that gesture was the one carried out by inspector general of police, Mohammed Adamu.

 In photos shared by Supercop Abba Kyari, little kids were dressed in smart police uniform as they carried different placards with messages against Covid-19 pandemic. 

The messages re-echoes WHO's guideline on how to reduce the spread. The children stood in a group photo shoot as their cardboards read: "Wash your hand regularly with soap", "Use sanitisers regularly", among many others.

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