Friday, March 6, 2020

Viral video of bribe-seeking policeman giving N900 balance to motorist after collecting N1000 from him

 A video is gradually making the rounds on social media, showing the exchange between a bribe seeking policeman and a motorist 

 The motorist was seen giving the police officer a N1000 note 
 Just like in a business transaction, the officer was also seen giving the motorist his N900 balance Bribery and corruption is no longer a new issue in Nigeria. It is an over flogged issue to the point of it being regarded as normal, especially by the parties to it. 

The greatest participants to bribery and corruption in Nigeria seem to be the policemen as they often hound motorists on the road for ‘small change to hold body’. 

The rat race between drivers and policemen is so common that it has been normalised and commercial drivers even increase their fares just to accommodate the money they would spend while tipping corrupt policemen. It is now like a business transaction or a tax that is paid on the road. 

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