Friday, March 6, 2020

This boy heard his parents having sex and completely freaked out

Most of us have a story to tell when it comes to that one traumatic moment we heard our parents having sex for the very first time. For some of us, it will be forever ingrained in our minds
But for this poor boy, it was all too much to handle. Clearly traumatised, his sister tried coax out of him the reason for his tears. "You'd be dead right now if you heard it," he cries while on his way to school.

What did you hear," she asks cautiously. "Are you sure you didn't hear mom and dad having sex?" she asks again after he unconvincingly tells her that nothing's wrong.
"Three times. Three times," he responds in an emotional state. It doesn't help that his sister laughs when hearing this.

The video was posted by Twitter user @ranahasse after having the uncomfortable conversation with her younger sibling. Within a matter of hours, it went viral with many relating to the little fella.
Many became invested in his emotional pain, prompting @ranahasse to post an update after the breakdown.

"For the record took my lil drama king out for dinner n gave him the talk lmao hes all good. apparently plant based burgers are a good alternative for therapy," she captioned a selection of pictures of her little brother appearing to be in a much better state.

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